Suddenly not receiving email

A couple of days ago email stopped coming into my em client. Sits there and does nothing with I click to receive and eventually message comes up connection failed. I have double checked imap settings and even called comcast to confirm. I have the latest version if em client… 6.0.24928.0. I am receiving the email for the same comcast account on my phone.  I am able to send. I turned off firewall and virus protection temporarily. A few days before this happened em client would crash everytime I visited calendar. Rebooted and still crashed. Now it is not crashing when I go to calendar.

Hey Alisa,

What kind of mail account are you using?


Comcast email. Imap. Is that what you’re asking? I would like to purchase upgrade but would hate for it not to work. If I delete the account to try to recreate - what will happen to my local folders. That’s all I care about saving.

Thanks for the information, can you please go to menu>tools>operations and copy the contents of the third tab (Logs) when the error occurs? We will then be able to assist you further.