Suddenly no Gmail through IMAP

I have two gmail accounts, one normal and one through Google Apps for Work. They have always been fine through EM Client but at lunchtime today they suddenly stopped receiving mail.

I get an error “[IMAP] An attempt to connect to … failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings.”

The account settings are correct. I can set up another account to the same email and connection to the gmail service completes but no mail is downloaded.

Thunderbird is working into the same accounts perfectly, and I can set up new accounts there that work too.

Is it time to go back to Thunderbird?

EM Client did prompt me to update today, which I did, but I don’t know if that was before or after the problem started, unfortunately.

It’s interesting to note that outgoing mail still works, and calendar is still successfully syncing with google, so it’s just incoming mail that is broken.

I have just discovered that if I disable ESET Smart Security Email scanning, EM Client starts to get incoming mail again. However ESET has not been updated since it was working, and all other mail clients work, so I still believe EM Client to be the problem, and I don’t think turning my AV down is an acceptable solution.

it is quite possible that ESET changed some of its recognition tools and is incorrectly marking the incoming connection to eM Client as dangerous. (Which is not something unheard of, even the eset support forum addresses how to modify the ESET Email scanning when it behaves incorrectly:…)
So you do not need to disable your anti-virus because of it, making an exception for eM Client should be enough.


So I should continue to use EM Client without the benefit of email antivirus rather that move to a client that can be successfully protected by my AV?

Unfortunately that article only shows me how to set up an exception in business products, not Smart Security, but I realise that’s their issue not yours.

Thanks for the help, I’ll address my displeasure at ESET now instead.