Suddenly, I am no longer able to sync with my Exchange account

This happened on May 18. My EM client started indicating a “danger sign” next to my email address in the left side bar above the inbox. Then I started receiving logs saying that there was a problem with the connection with my Exchange server. 
I tried reinstalling EM Cliente. No joy. 
The account license is correct. The username/password are correct… 
Now, there is no “danger sign” next to my account on the left side bar. There are no error logs. Just cannot connect to the exchange server. 
I don’t know what to do? I have a free 1-user license… Do I need to get a paid version?

Thanks in advance

The exclamation mark next to the account folder means that there is a problem syncing with the server. Usually clicking on the icon will force a sync. If it was working, and nothing changed in eM Client, then I think you might want to contact your email provider to find if there is a problem with the server or your account.

Which email provider do you use?

Reinstalling eM Client probably will not make any difference as the settings do not change, but you could try removing the account from eM Client, then adding it again.