Subscribed shared IMAP folders not synching

Hi, just downloaded the trial license and trying to get this to work to see if I will buy the PRO. Email downloaded okay except for the shared IMAP folders. I’ve confirmed they are subscribed to via the web (also see them in outlook), but eM Client is not showing them. Is there a way to explicitly subscribe to a shared IMAP folder? Any suggestions on how to correct this problem? Product documentation seems very weak. Thanks in advance.

From my own experience of adding a eg: Shared IMAP Outlook Calendar to my Google Calendar in eM Client, I had to first “add the Outlook shared calendar URL” to my Google Calendar online (Via the Other Calendars) option. Then closed and reopened eM Client and the Outlook Shared calendar then appeared in eM Client.

However the only issue I then discovered was that Google Calendar online didn’t automatically synchronize with the Outlook Calendar URL very often (sometimes not for a couple of days) due to Google programming, so i ended up using a script in my Google Drive to automatically sync / force the Outlook Calendar Shared URL every 10-15 mins to my Google Calendar which now works fine.

So look at adding the Outlook Shared Calendar URL into (Your specific Calendar online) which should then update your eM Client account calendar provided you use the same account calendar in EMC.

Thanks! Haven’t gotten to the calendar part (but intend to and your advice will be helpful for then). Sorry, I should have been more specific. It’s a shared IMAP email folder.