Subject and abbreviations Forwarded or Reply

Hi, is there any way how to see if the message was forwarded or replied? I really need this in the Subject, but can not see it!

This feature is there in eM Client.

The icons next to each message indicate if the message has been replied to or forwarded.

I think that the problem comes when conversations is turned on. In that case the message list becomes a conversation list, and the indicators are not there. They are, however, still in the message header.

You can turn off conversations in Menu > View > Conversations.

And of course eM Client does prefix every message you reply to or forward with the standard Re: and Fw: subject prefix. You can configure that in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Replies and Forwards if the standard format is not to your liking.

It’s a shame that these “replied to” and “forwarded” actions are not relayed back to the Gmail server. This makes eM Client unsuitable for those of us who sometimes work in client and sometimes in web interface. This failure is enough of a reason to just not use eM Client. It was looking so promising…

Note, that even Outlook desktop fails to do this correctly with Gmail accounts so it seems to be a bizarrely difficult feature to achieve of email clients, despite it’s obvious utility.

RFC 3501 (the IMAP protocol standards) specifies a list of flags that every IMAP implementation must work with. These include \Seen and \Answered. So if the one is being synced with the server, then the other could be as well.

But I don’t use Gmail, and I don’t recall ever seeing that in practice when I have used it for testing. 

Outlook desktop used to manage this OK with a Gmail IMAP account. Messages shown as replied to in Outlook also showed as replied to in Gmail interface. But of late it’s broken (for me at least and despite much effort by Microsoft support to resolve). Outlook even fails to show a replied to icon itself for many messages. I hoped another client would have it working…