Subfolders of redirected account

Hey there!
I have some subfolders of my mail-adress (ABC) shown in my account. There is another subfolder-struct (DEF), which is redirected to my mail adress ABC.
In thunderbird this struct is also displayed, but unfortunately not in EM-Client, which i’d prefer to use.
All subfolders of my mail (ABC) are displayed in EM-Client.

An ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

How are these “redirected” to ABC?

If you login to your ABC account using the email provider’s web interface, can you see these folders from DEF?

in my webmail browser and thunderbird: yes
in outlook: no

DEF is a functional mail adress, which certain users have access to. but i can only send mails as ABC not as DEF. i hope this is understandable…

If you go to Menu > Operations, are there any IMAP errors in the Log tab?

no IMAP sync errors recored… is that what u mean? the german menu is labeled a bit different :slight_smile:

The Log tab (Protokoll) lists all the connection details. If there is an issue syncing the missing folders, then it should be listed there.

16:52:32 Online-Status: geändert zu Online bis zum NetworkAvailability
16:52:32 XYZ IMAP Synchronisiere Ordnerliste
16:52:32 ABC IMAP Synchronisiere Ordnerliste
16:52:35 XYZ IMAP Synchronisiere Ordner ‘/Alle Nachrichten’
16:52:36 ABC IMAP Synchronisiere Ordner ‘/Posteingang’
16:52:39 ABC IMAP Synchronisiere Ordner ‘/Postausgang’
16:52:43 ABC IMAP Synchronisiere Ordner ‘/Gesendete Elemente’

XYZ is just another account, which is not relevant for the problem…

They are not showing in eM Client and you have also said they are not showing in Outlook. Maybe that means there is some problem with the server. Did you contact your email provider?

Who is the email provider? Some servers are not completely compatible with eM Client, so that could also be the issue especially if they don’t show in Outlook either.