Style of Header blocks in Replies and Forwards


When I reply to an existing message the details of the header block in the previous message always get rendered in the same font and text colour that I have chosen for my template or the preferred font for messages as selected under the Preferred Style in the Settings.

I do not think that this is way that the header block from the previous message should appear. The header block details from the previous message should be consistently rendered in some appropriate system style.

I made this observation and a request for it to be changed to “Pro Support” as far back as 5 September 2012. I have also followed up on that ticket from time to time since. The response has usually been that “This behaviour will be changed in the next major version”.  However since then major version 5, 6 and now 7 have been released and the behaviour remains the same.

There are a number of similar requests in the forums topics. For example:   Posted 4 years ago   Posted 3 years ago

On the forum it is also indicated that some of these idea topics have been “Implemented” but that is not true and I think that the product company staff and developers are missing the issue. Being allowed to select the ‘field’ values included in a header block and being allowed to select the ‘style’ of the text are different issues.

What is required is a way in which to ‘style’ the header blocks.

That is, allow people to be able to select preferred fonts, font size and other font characteristics like whether the text appears bold.

As previously suggested in forum posts, it could easily be achieved by permitting a block of HTML.

If HTML Style was permitted in the “Reply Header” and “Forward Header” under the
Settings\Mail\Replies and Forwards
then people would be able to design their own appropriate header blocks. This method for a solution would also presumably mean reduced effort on the software development side. The option could be provided with the disclaimer that the client software provides no parsing of the block for errors and will just be included exactly “as is”. For most of the users who desire this feature, that would be a satisfactory solution, because they probably have the means to achieve a satisfactory result with this allowance.

It is time this feature was given a higher priority.
I think that there are a number of people who have been very patient in waiting for this feature.

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I have a request similar to yours:

I would find very useful if the staff could  add a function to change the font of the reply/forward section, so that it can look different from the font chosen for editing an email

This.  Exactly this.

emClient:  You are missing out on my clientage because of this and one other feature (View Message Source does not actually display the full headers for Exchange accounts.)

Hello everybody,

This feature is eventually planned for implementation, but there are, unfortunately, currently issues of higher priority. If this is a crucial feature for you, please add your vote to this Idea thread so there’s a representation of how wanted it is.

Thank you,

Hello David,

We’re not aware of there being any issue with displaying full message headers in the View Message Header option for Exchange accounts. If you have a specific example in mind, could you please send the message exported into .eml to [email protected] with a link to this thread?

Thank you,

There seems to always be issues of ’ higher priority’. Always. 
Thanks for the advice Maurice.
I look forward to this feature ‘eventually’ being implemented in eM Client.

What does eM Client  Inc. do to merge together votes for what is really a similar or the same idea? 
As mentioned previously; There are a number of similar requests in the forums topics. 
In the forums it also indicates that some of these idea topics have been “Implemented” ! 

This general idea for a feature should be at least +10 more votes, probably a lot more. If ample time was dedicated by employees to searching through the Community Conversations, I am certain that this idea would be seen to be more favored, more wanted, than the number of votes it currently has acquired. 

Is this all really Powered by Get Satisfaction ?!?

Hello Matt,

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, if we merged the Idea threads with the tools that are available on this forum, the votes would be lost. We do however monitor the Idea threads and of course take into account if there are more threads with the same/similar suggestions.


I’m also looking forward to this idea being implemented. It’s discouraging to see that it’s already been over 4 years since it was suggested and yet it’s still planned to be “eventually” implemented.
For what it’s worth, I voted for this idea. Hopefully the developers will consider the number of votes AND the length of time this has been pending in order to include it in the next major version of emClient

More than four years later. Is there any chance that this feature will be implemented? I would be happy if at least it would be possible to use HTML to modify the reply header.

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Now over 6 years…

This is still a big issue (one of the only big issues I have encountered with emClient). PLEASE either consider implementing HTML support in the custom headers, OR give us some indication of whether this will really (ever) be addressed.


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