Strike-through Key Removes Formatting

The “Remove Formatting” button the email editing toolbar should do what it looks like and add “Strike-out” (or strike-through).  “Remove Formatting” should have a clearer icon, maybe like this " instead of:

Even the form for entering this message on the support website has a correct button.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with this setting.
We’ll consider adjusting this for future releases of eM client.

Thank you,

Yeah Sean is right on here.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to remove formatting in eMClient only to be surprised that it’s been there right in front of me as the “strike-through” icon.

Here’s a challenge for the dev team:  Find any editor out in the wild that uses an icon depicting text with a line through it as anything other than strike-through font style.

Hello Brandon, I’m really sorry for the confusing icon, we’re working on an upcoming release of eM Client which will feature a new UI, hopefully being more consistent.