Strategy for all mail, inbox, folders, labels...


At least for me, learning to set up and navigate powerful software always has a “learning curve.” Lucky for me, some have been down the road before me.

I’d like to learn settings strategies to make the email handling workflow go more smoothly, to store all mail for future (searchable) reference (both on the Gail servers, and locally on my HD), to be able to put certain mail into certain folders, and to avoid duplicates.

So, we have IMAP, EMC and Gmail…and am leaving Outlook 2007. I have set the Storage database to my large (local) hard drive, and have checked the options for reading offline (including attachments). I have the backup location also set on the large hard drive, although I have not done a backup yet.

In outlook, I have a large tree of folders that I have sorted mail into over the years.

What settings should I make in order to maintain all the folders, and to meet the settings strategy I outlined above?

I know everyone’s situations and preferences are different, yet I also bet there are others like me - SOMEone who might have put together a list of good workflow settings.

I’d love to make this work.



BTW - I know that much of this can be attributed to “user error”, but here is a bit more. Picture this. 

I’m in bed reading websites on my Android. One site solves a problem, so I “share” the page with myself so that I can read it later at my desk. When I get to my desk and open EMC, I see the mail I sent myself and mark its category as red. Then, to see what else I have sent myself, I search for mail to me from me, I see five copies of the same mail in Inbox, Sent, All Mail, Important and Starred. Not sure how it got starred, maybe I did it…maybe all mail from me is automatically starred.

There must be a better way.


Where can I find configuration help?

Hi Carl,
unfortunately the duplicates are cause by Gmail’s IMAP setting. It sends some of its special labels as separate folders and creates duplicates. If you do not use the All Mail, Important and Starred labels, you can choose to not send these over IMAP. You can set this through Gmail’s web settings in the Labels tab. Just choose to not send these over IMAP.

Best regards,