Strange SMTP connection detail

Good day everyone, I just installed thie product but have problems sending emails.
I have configured IMAP and SMTP
I configured the account manually using the setup parameters of my provider.
Synching with the category structure and email content works perfectly.
Sending though does not. I get a strange SMTP error in the log

14:17:37 SMTP Connecting: To
14:17:38 [SMTP] MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Invalid server reply when connecting: ' ESMTP server not available from your IP my_ip which is correct

Who the heck is ?!?!? What is ESMPT and why is it accessing it ? I surely isn’t in the config params I entered.


Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the SMTP tab for your account.

Check you have the correct Host (SMTP server) in the field provided.

the funny thing, not so funny, is that now in the log I have another name prepended it is: santino.smtp.my_provider
where are these names coming from ?
SMTP: my_provider domain
Port: 465
Security: use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Version of eM Client: 8.1.979

That’s not right.

If your email address ends in, then the host should be

Or did you just type something for display on the forum instead of the actual server name?

on top of this every Diagnostic test I run I get ‘server not responding’ if I then try to FIX the issue the system start cycling on various SMTP connection params that require me to send authentication params. These are the ports used in the fixing operation: 465 / 25 / 587

I inserted the correct value for the connection

As it is an IMAP account, remove the account from eM Client then add it again, but use the Automatic Setup rather than doing it manually.

already done this a couple of times and in the account settings page the SMTP tab is missing. I only have IMAP

SMTP discovery process is endless and at one point looks up a server called ‘’

I can only configure IMAP after the process has completed

Gary, thank you for your help, but I have unistalled everything and thrown it in the bin :slight_smile:
either it works or it doesn’tand I’ve wasted too much time on it.