Strange heading

Just wondering why my email recipients are told that my messages are from “u0_a259”, rather than displaying my name?


There are some possibilities.

  1. That is what you entered as your name in the account settings. Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for this account. Check what is in the Name: field.


  1. Your email provider changes the name on send. You will need to ask them for assistance if that is the cause.

Thanks - my name is entered correctly in the account setting, so I’ve contacted my email provider,, and below is their reply. Any further thoughts, pls?

“This seems to be a set up with your mail client and not set up in webmail. You would need to contact Em Client Support regarding this. It is likely set up as an alias, or a display name that was set up in the mail client.”

I’ve also sent a mssg to [email protected], but haven’t had an acknowledgement or response, so not sure whether that is the correct address, or whether they can help…