Strange folders in Local Folders

Just downloaded eM two days ago after Outlook 2010 got horsy. Three email accounts: 1&1, AT&T, and Gmail. Finally got AT&T working with “legacy settings”. And Gmail seems fragile. 
Question: Several dozen folders show up in Local Folders, all labeled “the file so that changes to the file will be reflected in your item.xx” (xx being numbers). The folders have nothing in them. I also have a folder called “&Don’t prompt me about this again.”, also empty. What’s going on? 

Hi Ray, not completely sure what you’re referring to, can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue you’re seeing?
What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact version number in Help > About?

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Here is a screen shot of the left column showing the “Local Folders”. I am using version 6.0.21899.0.

Hi Ray, how did you add these folders into eM Client, did you import your data from another email client or did you setup the account in eM Client using the setup options?

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I went through about two days of attempting to get my accounts working. I was going to “Import whole account” from my Outlook .pst file but the one for my 1&1 account was not an option. So I used the “Import selected PST data file” but that did not get my calendar or contacts. Also, it would not communicate with the server. So I deleted it. After much messing around with it, I finally got the account to work with the IMAP server and got access to my old emails that way. Then I read here about exporting my contacts from Outlook as Vcards and importing them. So I got most of them (but still no calendar data). 

I would guess all of my failed attempts caused the Local Folders issue. Can I delete those folders without any repercussions? 

Hi Ray, if you were and continue using an IMAP account rather than a POP account you should have all your mail data safely synchronized with the mail server and all you should need to do is to setup the account in eM Client using the automatic setup.

If your mail server doesn’t support CardDAV or CalDAV for contacts synchronization and you were unable to synchronize eM Client with these services. You’d have to import the local contacts from outlook, to do that you should be able to select the calendar and contacts folders in the import menu and import these folders only, however note you have to select a calendar folder to which the data will be imported.

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I found out that my Outlook calendar was saved in my old AT&T account. Most everything is working okay. It will take getting used to. Thanks for the assist!

Hi Ray, I’m glad that it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application we’ll be happy to help.