Storing multiple attachments

(EmClient is good, with the exception of some details:)

I opened the attachment frame and tried to store several files at once into a single folder. It does not work. The popup is wrong and ends in a useless loop. How do I store 3 marked PDF files into a special folder?

Right-click on one attachment and choose Save All Attachments.

that’s a workaround only

No, that is the way to save all attachments.

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He, Gary,
wash your tongue.
I’ve been writing about the attachment frame, not about single mails.

For the Attachment section of eM Client (not the attachments in the preview frame):

Select the attachments you want to save.
Right-click on one of them and choose Save As.


Select the attachments you want to save.
Click on the Save As button.

Y o u ’ r e dangerous

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Hi @Jens611

I do not know who you are and actually I do not care.
What I do care about are the unfounded insulting comments you make.
If it was up to me which it is not I would throw you off the Forum.

You should remember that this Forum is maintained by volunteer users who give up their free time to try to help others.

An apology to @Gary would be a decent gesture.

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Ii did not work proper in version 8.2.1509. I had an endless loop of the popup or at least thought so. The menu item “save as” or “speichern als” is wrong, because the function behind it is directory selection, into which the files are to be saved. So the terms “save under” or “speichern in” would have been the right words. Maybe Gary is not the author and he thought too quick because of so many items to be done, but the words are definitely wrong. So pass the guilt over to the translators. If you want to deliver the best client in the world further on, the translations (in a many languages!) have to be exact.

The term is correct.

It is normal practice when you choose to save, to be given the opportunity to change the destination. But you don’t have to change it; when the modal opens, just click on Save if that is your preference.

Can you imagine if the model didn’t open? How would you know where the files are saved?

There is a difference in a) storing a single file and renaming it and b) storing several ones into a certain folder. The difference exists in the user’s intention as well as in the called dialogue.

Yes, there is a difference:

When saving a single file, you have the option to choose the destination, and to rename it.
When saving multiple files, you have the option of where to save them.

How do you want to make that different?

Whether it is one file or multiple files, surely you need to select somewhere to save them?
Unfortunately we do not offer the option to rename multiple files in one action.

So, to get back to your original question:

We are not able to reproduce this. Going to the Attachment section of eM Client, and selecting multiple files then clicking Save As, saves the attachments as expected.

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Hi @Jens611

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Maybe it would be easier if you wrote in your mother tongue as then you could be exact with your meaning.

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Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.

The problem is a misinterpretation on your side because “save as” is a typical menu item inside an editor, e.g. in OpenOffice Writer. But emClient is mostly a document management system. So when having marked several documents from a list the menu item should be copy, i.e. “copy single document to a folder” or “copy all marked documents to a folder” or “copy all documents to a folder”. This should also make the diff between “file dialogue” and “directory dialogue” clearer.

PS: Please think it over, also the newly asked for function.