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Windows 10 crashed during an update so I have to reinstall from all my programs from the beginning.

I have access to all my files on the drive and want to know where the EM Client email files are stored so I can recover them when I install the new EM App. I want to transfer them to a drive so I can then reinstall them After I reinstall windows and reload EM Client.

I suspect that’s not so easy. eMC uses a proprietary database (sqlite) system I believe.

Can’t you restore your Windows 10 system?

Apparently not, I’ve been talking with Microsoft and they say it needs a complete installation and all the programs need to be reinstalled

If the email files still exist on the mail server they will be automagically restored to eMC on reinstall, but if not all I can suggest is that you copy the current eMC database to another HD, reinstall Windows and eMC, rename the new eMC database to xxxxx_old and replace it with the saved one.

The location of the database is in “menu/settings/general/storage” from memory. I’m sure you’ll find it. Don’t have my PC on at the mo!

Hopefully it will work but I can’t give any guarantees. If it doesn’t you can always revert back to the renamed DB and nothing lost.

Hope this helps…

Well, all a steer can do is try.

Thanks for the help. Roger. I appreciate you, buddy.

Here goes…

miércoles 16 septiembre 2020 :: 2334hrs (UTC +01:00)


I presume and hope you had configured your eMClient to create Backups,
if you did, you need to locate a file that has a name similar to this:
where the format is: year/month/day/

When you locate the file or files choose the most recent or them all if more than one
and at this point copy to a safe location (eg usb stick)
You will be able to use the most recent to restore your email/accounts/registration/configuration etc
when you re-install eMClient

Once you have re-installed eMClient copy the back_*****.zip to the default location
Menu -> Settings -> General -> Backup will give you the location
Menu -> File -> Restore -> follow the instructions, if more than one file you will be asked
to choose - pick the most recent.

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Thanks Russ. I think I’m getting it…

A ti… desde Estepona. LOL