Stops fetching emails over IMAP after a while, sending still works

Using IMAP to for several weeks, now on client version 6.0.20498.0.
In the last day or two, eM client stops fetching new emails from the server.
I have to restart eM client to fetch more emails, then soon it gets stuck again, with the rotating busy indicator to the right of the IMAP account name.
Running Thunderbird in parallel can see all emails, also confirms that the server’s fine.

I’ve enabled IMAP logs, and notice that when it’s stuck, there are IMAP requests for “INBOX.Sent Items” and “Inbox.Trash” but no request is even attempted for just “INBOX”.  I’ll send the logs.

Hi Marc, can you go to Tools > Accounts > Your account and make a screenshot of your IMAP settings?
Also are you seeing any error messages from the application? If so, can you please make a screenshot of any error displayed as well?

Thank you,