Stopping auto opening the next email after deleting?

Hi guys, I’m new to eM and loving the UI so far. Literally the only tiny gripe I have with the app so far is, I use the app with “Message Panel Off” in the view settings. So basically just a big old list of emails, and I double click the one I want to read to pop it open in a new window.

My issue is when I’m finished with that email, and hit delete, it automatically pops up the next email in a window instead of just closing the email window when it’s deleted. Is there a way to stop this? So when i hit delete it just deletes the email and closes the window?

When it’s auto opening the next email i feel like I’m drowning haha, one after another after another. and there is the issue that if i close the next email immediately, that will then be marked as read which isn’t really the case.

Thanks for any help or advice :slight_smile:


Ah thanks mate, this is exactly what i was looking for! I now have the perfect email app :smiley: