Stopped working

Worked great for a few days. Now when I try to reply, forward, or send/receive all I get an error that says “ Connecting to failed 8:43 PM. [SMTP] An attempt to connect to failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?” I did that, fiddled with them. No luck!

have you already found a solution for this? I’ve got the same problem and theres nothing wrong with the SMTP settings.

This problem has been reported in other threads, and there are no answers forthcoming. This is a show stopper. Too bad, eM Client looked so promising.

Not willing to give up, I turned off my BitDefender virus checker, and eM Client works for me. Now, to get dM Client working along with virus protection…

Well I take back most of the negative things I said, but still, support for “free” users seems to be non-existent. Months go by without solutions for the same simple problems. Now that I have my virus protection set up to work with eM Client, the software does seem to be really slick and nice.

please look at the newest post at SMTP connecting fails ? topic thread.