Stopped accessing my gmail

eM Client stopped accessing new mail on my gmail account about a day and a half ago. It gets an error every time I tell it to check for messages. Chrome goes to my gmail just fine.

Deleting and reinstalling eM Client does not fix it.

My guess is that the problem is a fundamental issue, and is not fixable. maybe my time is up?

If no fix suggested here (in any) works, I guess I’ll just have to look for another mail app.

What is the error you are getting?
What are the eMC account settings?
What is the eMC version you are running?
Have you tried totally disabling your VPN, antivirus software?
Who is your email host (where you get your email from)?

-It shows a red triangle with a white exclamation mark in it when I check for new mail. Putting the mouse on it says ‘Connection failed’. It fails again every time I try.
Account settings were not changed by any human, They are:
-All services enabled
-IMAP: imap. gmail. com
port 993
Security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
-STMP: Host: stmp .gmail .com
port 587
Security policy: Force usage of SSL/TLS
-XMPP: Host: (I don’t use this)
port 5223
-Diagnostic logs: Not enabled
-No advanced option parameters.

I just installed Thunderbird, and it works. If I send an email from eMC to myself on my gmail account, Thunderbird receives it. So it appears that eMC will send, but stopped receiving messages about 36 hours ago.

-I don’t use a VPN
-I use Windows Defender. Turning off real time protection did not fix the problem.

I much prefer eMC over Thundebird. Any help you can give to fix eMC would be greatly appreciated.

I just discovered the eMC will still now download pictures from emails that were already downloaded, but their pictures weren’t previously downloaded. Very odd!

The cause of your problem is probably the two-factor authentication introduced by Google
Take a look here : Sign in with App Passwords - Gmail Help
Specifically : Create & use App Passwords

I looked, 2 step verification is not enabled on my laptop.

This may indeed be some kind of security issue, but it’s not clear what. I downloaded and installed the Thunderbird mail app today and it worked fine – after I lowered the security by turning “Allow less secure apps: ON”. I thought lowering the security would also fix eMC, but it didn’t.

There is probably some setting somewhere that will fix it, but there may be very few humans on the planet who knows what it is.

Hopefully eMC will come out with a fix or some kind of notice on how to fix it.

Consider the following:

Run an eMC backup (MENU > BACKUP)
Uninstall eMC while NOT deleting the database
Reinstalling with current v8 from HERE?

That’s basically what I already did, except I didn’t know enough to run a backup.

First I tried downloading and installing v8 after noticing the problem today. But it wouldn’t install v8 on top of v8, so I tried the ‘repair’ option instead. It aborted early with an error. I tried several times.

So I uninstalled eMC v8 without deleting the database, and reinstalled v8. It didn’t fix the problem, which is where we are now.

I really appreciate everyone’s efforts to help, and welcome any new suggestions.

What version of eMC are you running?

8, the latest version.

Any chance you have an eMC backup dated prior to the start of the reported issues?
If you do then an eMC RESTORE might produce a good resolution.

so I tried the ‘repair’ option instead. It aborted early with an error. I tried several times.

The fact that you cannot repair is a concern. If you use a normal IMAP Gmail account (non pop) I would next be deleting the database on uninstall or renaming the EMC database folder and creating the Gmail account as new via the automatic wizard.

Note: The database folder is a hidden located at
C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

Make sure when you go through the wizard that you near the end click “Allow Access” to your Google acct via the browser popup window or will fail.

I would also suggest (before setting up the Gmail account as new again) to “Turn back on allow secure apps” access and also Enable 2 step verification and delete any current eM Client app that appears in Google security “Third-party apps with account access” near the bottom of the Google security page. eM Client works fine with those settings.

Also turn back on Windows defender if you haven’t already as that doesn’t block eM Client.

Lastly if creating a new mail acct database & account via the automatic wizard still doesn’t work, I would next try “disabling all background tasks” to test and reboot as could be some optional program automatically starting up in Windows causing it. Good way to troubleshoot.

I modified your advice slightly – and it worked!!!

-I went to the AppData folder and renamed the eMC folders in both the Local and Roaming folders under AppData.
-I uninstalled eMC and reinstalled it. I did not delete the database, but there probably wasn’t one since I had renamed the eMC folders. (Or maybe it refers to remote online databases?)
-That activated the Wizard when I started the new eMC, so I just input my gmail address and followed the prompts.
-It them imported all my emails, including Inbox and Sent emails. I could see that it had received the most recent emails.
-I sent an email to myself, and it worked!

Thanks for your suggestions!

I don’t know where it got the old Inbox and Sent emails from – maybe from some online database, or scanned my AppData and found the renamed databases?

At any rate, since most people probably want to retain their database, I suggest that anyone trying this also do not delete the databases, only rename them.

There might be a shorter way to do this, but the key point is that it worked.

Thanks for your help!

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Great you got it all working :+1:

I don’t know where it got the old Inbox and Sent emails from – maybe from some online database, or scanned my AppData and found the renamed databases

When you add a Gmail or any IMAP account from new, all your old emails are (stored in the cloud) end. So all your previous inbox, outbox, sent items etc will always come back automatically when you add the account and only get deleted when you manually delete them. So you are just merely mirroring the Gmail IMAP account online in eM Client. Same goes for iCloud & Exchange type accounts.

So even if you deleted the eM Client database on uninstall, because it’s an IMAP acct, the cloud emails will still come back automatically when you re-add the account. That the beauty of cloud IMAP mail.

It will take a little time to read after re-adding the IMAP account as the emails have to recache etc.