STOP synchronization with Google mail

I am a new eM user, and I would like to set things up such that I can maintain email folders in the client BUT these do not change on the Google mail server. The reason for this is because I often keep emails for a long time BUT I don’t want those long-stored messages to linger on the server. Right now, everytime I make a new folder and move a message to it, this happens also on the server and I prefer that it does not happen. Please help!

Hello Grizzledmage,

For this I’d recommend you moving these messages to the Local folders in eM Client. These messages will be deleted from your mail server and will be kept locally in your database.Yet, you’ll be able to swiftly search through them or otherwise manage them.


Hello Grizzledimage,

In addition to Russel Markosky’s excellent answer, below a small sample
of what you can do.The sky is the limit.
I’ve been doing this for at least the last 15 years in various email clients
and in this case eM Client is no exception.


Set it up to your requirements…

Make sure you do frequent backups

Thanks for the quick and helpful responses - it seems to be working just great! Appreciate all your help!