stop sending a email

With the default settings, once you click Send the message should be uploaded immediately to your email provider. There is not much chance of stopping it.

But if the message is stuck, it will be in the Local Folder Outbox. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General and tick Show Local Folders. Then go to that Outbox and delete the message,

thank you very much for such a fast answer.  the message is not in My outbox but  it keeps trying  to go  and fails, in fact NOTHING is in my outbox.  What do I do now?

How is your email account setup? IMAP, POP3 or Exchange?

Or maybe do it this way. Right-click on Smart Folders and choose Display > Outbox.

Then open the Smart Folder Outbox and see if it is there.

I have gmail I don’t know which setup it is

With GMail, it should be in the Local Folder Outbox. The Smart Folder Outbox will also display the message that it trying to be sent.

Or is this maybe a message you received from the server to say it can’t deliver the message?

ah yes it is the mail delivery subsystem saying it was incomplete however, there is nothing in My outbox.

Once the message has been successfully passed to your server, it will be moved from the Outbox to the Sent folder, then eM Client has completed it’s task. Next it is up to the server to deliver the message.

Usually the server will say that it will try for a few days and then give up. There is nothing you can do to terminate that.

thank you very much.