Stop eM Client from starting with Windows (It is NOT in my startup folder)

I am using eM Client version 5.0.19629.0 and I can’t seem to stop from starting with Windows?  The program is NOT located in my startup folder and is no longer my default email program.  

Is there anyway that I can get the program to stop running automatically?


Hi Irene, can you go to Tools > Settings > General and check if you have “Run on Windows startup” option checked?

Thank you, hope this helps,

I didn’t see that option.  I looked through all the settings.

Hi again, can you try installing this update (, and after install you should see the option to set it as default/open on start/etc. uncheck these, and hopefully it won’t be causing any trouble…

Thank you,

I installed the update and I still did not have the option to uncheck open on start so I just uninstalled eMclient.


Hi Irene,

It’s not needed to uninstall eM Client. Even if the version you have doesn’t have this option to enable/disable it from starting when Windows starts, you should be able to prevent it from starting automatically.

There are multiple places in Windows where programs can register them selves to auto-start.

People of the team of eM Client should be able to tell you which registry setting you will need to delete.

I’m sorry to hear that Irene, if you come back to eM Client, let us know if you have any other questions or issues, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,