Stop connecting to license server

Everything works for couple of years. Now my PCs won’t connect to license server. After start eM Client there is a message “eM Client won’t connect to license server manager for last 10 days”. I’ve uninstalled eM Client, fresh install again, paste license key and now message is “There is a problem with connection to license server - ActivateLicenseFromApplicationEx failed”. What was happened ? :confused:
eM Client version - 9.2.1735. This same was on 9.2.1577

viernes 23 junio 2023 :: 1220hrs (UTC +0100)

You should contact [email protected]



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[email protected]

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Some of our servers were offline in the past day, so that may be responsible. But if this is ongoing for the past 10 days, then it may be something else.

eM Client needs to periodically contact the license server to validate your license.

If you have a firewall or VPN that is blocking the connection, or a proxy that is caching the connection, then eM Client will eventually be disabled.

Can you see if these pages open in your web browser:

No need to login, just open the pages.

If they don’t you will need to configure those security applications to allow access to those addresses, then restart eM Client.

You can also try installing the certificate that is provided on this page:

When I paste " " into browser, link is automatically changing to " Is this correct behaviour?
In my organization there is over 80 licenses. Problem is on several PCs. Certificate is imported. No changes :confused:

Like Garry mentioned before the issue is usually caused by other software.
Can you try to run eM Client with antivirus , firewall, VPN disabled?

This is already a global problem. Our emclient also stopped communicating on June 23, 2023. We have over 3,000 customers. This seems to have happened after recent Windows updates.
We have RetriveLicenseXML Failed error.
All traffic is allowed through the firewall and antivirus is turned off and VPN off. Emclient does not try to connect to the internet.

Please see the Knowledgebase article I mentioned above.

Here is the link again:

We have installed cert

Is there a new link for this problem, we have the same problem here, almost every month on different machines.
The link you posted is a dead end:
Sorry - either this article does not exist or you haven’t been given permission to view it.

Unfortunately the page I referred to above was removed from our Knowledgebase as the solution offered there no longer applies. Please write to [email protected] with the details of the issue you have.