Stop Automatic Synchronization

Is it possible to stop eM from synchronizing every five minutes?

Gary Nicholson
(new to eM)

Hi Gary,

Yes, it’s possible 

Menu > Tools > Settings

Be aware that Sync at Startup is ignored for some reason.

Confirmed in this post


Thank you DiggerP.

I was aware of those settings.  Here is the current status of that page:

With the above settings, automatic synchronization every five minutes has stopped.

For a while, I had “Synchronize items every 99 minutes” set.  Automatic synchronization continued every five minutes with that setting.

Gary (new to eM)

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the feedback.

You may have noticed that I also have both sync items unticked,
like you have now.

So we can conclude that neither one will obey the setting.

I can live with it because EMC is not my default email client.
Enough said…


I also have all the relevant boxes unchecked, but eM Client synchronizes at start-up anyway. But for me it takes only 8 seconds for eM Client to be fully workable (5 accounts, 35 folders in my main (outlook) account). But mails are not downloaded for offline use.
I have concluded for myself - but I may be wrong - that all these “sync settings” are only relevant for POP3 accounts, since with IMAP and exchange accounts mails are always “pushed” to eM Client as soon as they arrive on the server.

Thank you pefunk

That distinction between POP3 and IMAP has never been clear to me.  Not until your enlightening post.  

I see that eM does not support POP3.  

That is a deal-breaker for me.  My hosting service supports POP3.  And my old Thunderbird client supports POP3.  I guess I will stick with TB. 

I don’t want to be “dinged” every time an email shows up on the server.  

EmClient does support POP3, You have to create account and set another type, it does not support to change account type after creation.

Thanks Sylvester.  I tried twice to set up new accounts with POP3 and didn’t see any option allowing me to select POP3 over IMAP.  Can you refer me to instructions?

In Account configuration window You have to set mail type to Other (not automatic, but expand e-mail section) and then in step two ( Incoming mail server ) you can choose between IMAP and POP3 account.

I’m not sure about english names of windows and sections, i’m trying to translate from my native :-).

Thank you Sylwester.  I found this:

Much the same as your guidance.  I set it up and POP3 seems to be working.  

I’m glad, i could help :-).