STMP does not work

STMP does not work. I have included the send log and a screencast of the settings.

Hi Bill I noticed that you use port 25 which is now closed on most SMTP servers. Further the certificate is clearly shown as untrusted. You would need to make a decision if you trust it or not.

If so then you need to install that certificate. Or alternatively get this certificate recognized.

Further I am not sure if it is a great idea to set up an unencrypted server and publish a username and password in a forum. How about getting some help with this project by one of your local IT guys?

Hi Bill,
I removed the log with your password in it from the forum. You should never show your password online, just a safety measure.
As for your problem, I think I’d like to see a screenshot of the SMTP tab of your affected account (password should be shown as stars there, so it should be safe) seeing as you already took down the video.

Best regards,

Thanks, Olivia.