Still Unable Gmail Pop3

I’m still trying to setup a Pop3 Gmail account.
I have heard that Gmail is no longer using Pop3. If that’s the case, then why does
Gmail have a setting to use Pop3??
Some time ago before I was using emclient, I was able to setup a pop3 account for Gmail
in Thunderbird. Why can’t I do this with emclient?

Also, I still trying to grasp the idea that when you don’t show Local Folders. I personally don’t
need them and they do nothing but take up space in the folder pane.
I’m assuming that there is no way to hide Local Folders and still have access to Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Notes.
If there is, I’d love to hear about it.


Please see our blog post here. It describes the reason you can’t use POP3 with Gmail in eM Client.

Local Folders hold data that is not synced with servers. If your Mail, Calendars and Notes are synced with your email provider, you don’t need to use Local Folders.

As far as i know my Mail, Calendar and Notes are not synced with my email provider.