Still can't connect to my account

I truly believe this is an issue with EMC as I can connect with other email clients like Windows Mail, Bluemail, etc. with no problems (I tested it)

This is not an eM Client issue as it works perfectly for me personally and many other eM Client Outlook mailbox customers (with the same IMAP settings as @Ekalb example screenshot above (via the automatic wizard) setup with V8 eM Client.

I suspect it’s still a Microsoft (server specific mailbox connection problem) somewhere as per your other thread and I would still contact Microsoft via phone or forums, email etc.

I’ll try to reach out to Microsoft. Not sure why this is just affecting my specific mailbox and not others. Thanks.

I can’t get my personal Outlook account to work as I would like, either. I can only get it to work via IMAP, not MAPI. Microsoft Outlook and Mail for Windows 10 connect using MAPI, as Outlook has been based on Exchange technology for a few years now.

eM Client does not use MAPI.

Also, Microsoft may have disabled Exchange access for personal accounts though non-MS applications.

Yes, Microsoft could well be the culprit here. I suspect they do the same with their professional Exchange Online plans, because emails arrive instantly in Outlook and Mail on Windows 10 and Outlook on iOS, but sometimes arrive too late or never in emClient 8.

Do we know for sure that it’s a Microsoft is the problem here? I have an inquiry out to them and waiting for a response. The connection issue I have started a few weeks back after working fine and it just stopped one day. No matter what I try, I get the connection error:

[IMAP]Known Microsoft Exchange server error “User is authenticated but not connected” has been encountered on IMAP connection. This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.

As you said, emails sync seamlessly and right away on Outlook and Mail app for Windows 10 and for other clients too. So I’m trying to figure out who’s the culprit here?? So if it’s a Microsoft problem, why do other users (e.g. Cyberzork from above) who has an Outlook account said that his email comes through perfectly on EMC? What’s the source of difference here? It makes no sense…

When I receive a notification on my iPhone and none by emClient even after 10-20 minutes, I go into the application and click on Inbox in the folder list and the ‘missing’ emails appear instantly. So, perhaps the culprit is emClient, after all.

Yes, we know for sure that is a server error.

Did you contact your provider?

A few weeks ago, I created an Outlook account for tasks (because there is more possibility than at Google).
I never receive mail on this account.
To check, I just sent me a message to this account (be because I live in Belgium).
No problem to receive this mail with eM Client.

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I’m having similar issues. My Exchange/Outlook email will actually sync and download but when I open an email, I either get an error message that there is no connection to the server or it takes 8-10 minutes to download the contents of the message. Heck, it even takes 3-4 minutes to send an email or delete it from the inbox. I have tried other email clients and they all work fine, so this is definitely an EM issue!

It’s only a server error when using EMC. So not sure if it’s Microsoft.

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You are lucky it works for you. Not the case here. Does not connect and nothing is received. It’s been ~4 weeks now. I just use Windows Mail app now.

You are at least able to download. When I first encounter problems a few weeks ago, I had the same problem as you - the receipt of messages were delayed sometimes for a couple hours or more! Then it kept deteriorating to no syncing and eventually NO CONNECTION at all. As mentioned, I moved over to the Windows Mail app and it works wonderfully well. So totally agree, it’s an EM issue (just hard to convince the EM support reps in here). I have no doubts about it. I’ve been using EM for about 2 years now with no issues until I encountered this setback sadly.

Wow! That’s terrible!

I can honestly say the worst mistake I ever made was paying for EM 8 last year…even if it was a Black Friday deal, it was a giant waste of money. All the “expedited” support says is to contact Microsoft. Zero ownership or responsibility for their issues!

For their part, Microsoft offers several setting options for EM, servers names, ports, etc. Interestingly, EM lists a completely different connection method including servers that Microsoft says aren’t supported at all! It’s so bizarre!

It’s probably best to pick an alternative client to move over to permanently if this does not get resolved. You need consistency and dependability. I was attracted to EM because it resembles MS Outlook the most (the interface & features) and I’m not an Office 365 subscriber so I don’t have the Outlook program. Windows Mail works fine but it lacks some of EM’s features - e.g. while composing a new message, you cannot refer to another message since it fills the reading pane completely, you have to exit out of it to read another message. Let me know what kind of resolution you plan on going with. Glad someone knows what I’m going through here! lol

Microsoft servers treat non-MS apps differently to the way it works with their own software.

What did the server provider say when you sent them the error?

Can someone please guide how to configure Em Client correctly for hotmail email adress?
I can receive emails but cant send (still in Outbox). Something must have happened lately since I havent made any changes by myself. Can anyone help?

Go to Menu > Accounts.

Remove the Hotmail account, then add it again by clicking on the Add Account button.

Enter the email address in the Automatic Setup and complete the wizard.

You now have a fully functioning email account for sending and receiving.

If for some reason you can receive but not send, then this may be caused by a security app on your computer. As a test, completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN, then try send again. Sometimes even restarting your router may resolve this.

If that still doesn’t help, go to Menu > Accounts and click on the SMTP tab for this account. The settings should look like this:

If they don’t, change them to match, then click on Save & Close.

Try send again. If it still fails with the security apps disabled, then go to Menu > Operations and look for the SMTP error in the Log tab.

Paste it here.

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No reply yet. Will share once I know. I try launching EM every day to see if it corrects itself - it doesn’t. Yesterday it started to download my mail folders and some messages (syncing) but after a while the error re-appeared again. Other mail apps work fine. Only EM has issue.

[IMAP]Known Microsoft Exchange server error “User is authenticated but not connected” has been encountered on IMAP connection. This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.

This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.

@beamer138 Hopefully Microsoft will give you are reply back soon as to what the issue is.

As @Gary says in this previous EMC Thread on this issue, the only way to know would be if you are a eg: eM Client Pro customer and lodged a support ticket, eM Cient Support can then investigate your EWS logs and confirm where the issue is. If you like using eM Client, i would suggest to do that.

Jun 9
It is unlikely that the problem can be resolved in eM Client because the error says it is a server issue.

But, if you have a Pro License, with a current VIP Support subscription, you can open a ticket directly with us. We can investigate your EWS logs and confirm where the issue is. But if it is a server issue, you will need to take that up with the mail provider as the error says.