Sticky account titles

First of all sorry if this has been requested before, I did not find anything looking for it.

So over the past years, and especially months I’ve used all major email Clients from live mail and outlook to thunderbird and Inky, looking for something that I can work with daily.

Switched from Thunderbird to Postbox and that was fine for a while.

Anyway, switched to eM Client recently and loving it so far. I have however 2 major issues without which I’m seeing myself switching back to postbox:

1st is the hugely requested conversation/threaded view on emails.

2nd is to make the Account “Titles” Sticky on the left panel:
I have many email accounts, with LOTS of IMAP folders each. I would love to have either an area where the account titles are by themselves (like Smart Folders now but with each account seperately) with the unread count besides them and clicking opens the inbox of each (as in Postbox ) OR at least when scrolling down and the account title reaches the top it “sticks” to it and does not dissapear, so you can quickly see and change accounts. It would be good to also display unread count there as well (as in Opera Mail).

These would HUGELY help ease of use and productivity on large email accounts like I have.

glad you like the app so far.

However to your questions, we currently do not support conversation view, it’s a planned feature but no date has been set yet, we would however like to add the feature in later version of eM Client 6.
As to your second question, sticky accounts are not supported as well, however you might use the smart folder function and set smart folders for each of your account which is displayed on the top.

However not even smart folders display the unread count next to them, hopefully this helps at least a little.

Thank you,

Hey Paul, thanks for taking the time to answer.

For the conversation view, yes I’ve seen dozen of posts on these forums, that’s why I didn’t talk about it.

For the “Sticky” accounts it was more of a suggestion than a question: Using Search Folders I can add the inbox of an account more or less, but still it would be good to have the unread count of all accounts on one place( or at least the unread count being visible next to the account and not only on the folder (e.g Inbox) of the account.

thank you for the suggestion, I’ll pass the idea to the developers.