Steam protocol

The client refuses to open Steam using the steam:// protocol. Example link: steam://run/8930/q/%2Bconnect%2069.49.87.161 This should open a Civilization 5 Pitboss game to a server automatically, thus steam://. Instead, I get “The directory name is invalid.” on a popup titled MailClient.exe. It then asks me, from Windows 8, to locate an app on the app store.

Hi, I’m sorry but unfortunately this is not supported in eM Client. Opening custom URLs is not allowed for security reasons.
eM Client is not a client for opening a steam/game servers.

Thank you for understanding,

“Thank you for understanding”… I don’t. The Steam protocol, or any other protocol, has to be registered with windows before anything can happen. This means I authorized the install, I want it to work this way. I should expect it to work like that. Is there danger? Yes, but so is an always on internet connection. I should be able to make that choice, not my email client. Let alone an email client that sooner or later I’m going to pay for. Thunderbird did it just fine, no security issues. A warning is fine enough to alert users as to the custom protocol, in my opinion, but I shouldn’t be restricted in the name of security.

Unfortunately this feature is currently not supported, if you’d like to see this feature you can start an Idea topic here on the forum and let other users vote on the feature.
If the user feedback will be sufficient we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.

Thank you,