Stay in current folder if a subfolder is created

If I want to move mails from my inbox folder, I do need to create new folders as target, if it’s an initial contact. So I right click the parent folder, select create folder, enter the name and confirm the dialog.

Now the folder is created and the view is switching into this folder.

So I first have to step back to the inbox folder, find the email again, scroll the tree view down to the new folder again and move the email into it.

That is anoying.

It would be great if you could implement a feature in the settings (or a tickbox in the “create new folder” dialog) so that, if activated, the view stays in the current folder and NOT switches over to the newly created folder.

Many thanx…


You can already do this.

Select the messages you want to move and by right-click choose Move to Folder. In the window that opens, if the folder doesn’t exist, create it and then select it as the destination. Once the move is completed, you will still be where you were in the folder tree.

But when you are managing the folder tree in the sidebar, and you cerate a folder there, you are moved to the new folder automatically by design.

The “automatically by design” behaviour was invented with a recent version (I think 8), and it has bugged me since then. It costs me so many unnecessary clicks for no reasons. Before, the behaviour was just as @gismow described. I also prefer his approach. Maybe you could do a setting for that?

By design means just that. It is intentional behaviour to allow you to continue configuring the new folder once you have created it.

The option I described above though, allows you to create a new folder without losing focus on the folder you are in.