Stationery for Greetings Emails

In the good old days of Windows XP, I used “Cloud Eight Stationery” in Outlook Express for sending “Xmas Greetings” emails.
Unfortunately, eM Client does not have the ability to utilise Cloud Eight Stationery, & from what I have read in eM Client’s “Help” & from “googling” results, it would seem that eM Client probably only has the ability to create templates that are applied “universally” to all emails, & not selectively to individual emails.
Nevertheless, I would greatly appreciate if anyone could advise me on how create “greetings” stationery that can used selectively for individual emails.

Not sure what greetings stationery is, but you are correct in that you cannot change the template once you have started a new message.

You can setup multiple templates, but you need to assign one in your settings.

Hi Gary, thank you very much for your reply.
Examples of “Greetings Stationery” can be found on the Cloud Eight Stationery page on the “Thundercloud” website (Cloudeight Stationery for Windows Live, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook and Incredimail), which I downloaded to my Win XP laptop pre-2014, & used in all my “Xmas Greetings” emails to family & friends.
In fact I recently came across a post on the eM Client forum made way back in May 2010, by Thomas Smith, (Cloudeight Internet / Cloudeight Stationery, [ ]), in which he was effectively trying to get the “Powers-that-Be” at eM Client interested in adding a “Cloud Eight Stationery feature” to the eM Client App, which obviously failed.
Available Cloud Eight stationery included both “musical” (“picture + music”) & "non-musical (picture only), & could be easily selected for individual emails; it was very user-friendly, which I suspect is not the case with eM Client’s “Templates” feature.