i want to add my University email account. For the outgoing mails, i need a STARTTLS security option, but it seems like, that this isnt implemented…

this is the info site, providing all infos… hop it’s properely translated… thx for help :slight_smile:

when creating the account set option “Security policy” as “Use SSL/TLS if available” - it should work without any problems.
Hope it helps you.

i tried this (and i think, this is the standard policy), but it still doesn’t work.

it asks me for username and PW… but im 100% sure that’s the right one…

so does TLS includes the STARTTLS policy!?

Send me your SMTP log. Go to Tools - Settings - Logging, check SMTP under the problematic account and restart eM CLient. Wait until the error message appears and send us the log using the same logging settings window. Thank you.