Start of Emclient

Nearly 70% of all starts take up about 10 minut (checking broken or damaged files).

It never happend with Thunderbird. TB was much more resistible to ways of ending (stopping) programm.

Will it change in future? Or settings?

Zdenek Hosa

So how do you shut down eMC, 70% of the time and how do you shut down eMC 30% of the time?

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All the time right upper corner (X).

miércoles 14 octubre 2020 :: 1423hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @678285

There is a proviso in closing eMC by [All the time right upper corner (X)] as this only works correctly providing you have NOT selected:
Menu ->General ->Minimise application to tray AND / OR Close application to tray
If either of these options are selected it is important to Right-Click the tray Icon and select Exit
Menu ->Exit

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I have got this (not selected) and I always (from 14.10.2020 close emClient through Menu-Exit. In about 70% of all starts I have to wait about 10 minutes because emClient is checking errors in its SQL.

So I have to insist on my previous statement ‚Äúnever happend with Thunderbird‚ÄĚ !!!

PS: I have bought full licence of emClient (unlimited longlife licence)

Best solution, Zdenek, as you have a Pro License, is to open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further.