Start eMClient minimized

I have already read the previous requests and tried to use Shell:startup with the “Minimized” option.
But it doesn’t work here, the program opens maximized on startup.
I noticed that the previous posts are quite dated, meanwhile no working solution? Actually I would have found one, with a paid startup manager program (Chameleon).
But I don’t want to pay for that option.
Any suggestions?

You need to disable the eM Client setting to run on system startup.

Then create a link to eM Client in your OS startup folder. Finally edit that shortcut and set it to start minimized.

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I did what you said, on windows 11 it works, on windows10 always maximized window anyway.


windows10 always maximized window anyway.

eM Client under Windows 10 “works perfectly minimized on startup to the taskbar” for me via the shortcut in the following Win 10 startup folder the same as Windows 11.

As @Gary says the only thing that would stop it working is if you have still got eM Client “set to run on system startup”. So dblcheck eM Client on your Win 10 computer is not set to auto startup.

C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup