Stalling while synchronizing

My eM Client application frequently stalls and freezes while synchronizing a folder, such as the Trash folder, and I have to close the application and reopen it in order to complete the synchronization. Is there any way to prevent the stalling from occurring?

I am wondering if you have a non-AOL account, if you add that to eM Client, do you experience the same issues?

I’ve begun having a problem with freezing again, but it’s different than the one I had before. eM Client freezes when I’m trying to delete about 10 or more emails in my Inbox at once (because I don’t plan to read those emails). The application freezes, and if I wait several minutes or so, it will unfreeze and resume working. When it unfreezes, though, all but about 90 or so emails in my Inbox (which presently has just over 4,000 emails) will disappear. After they disappear, eM Client immediately goes into synchronization and downloading mode, and the emails that disappeared will all reappear. The process of getting the emails back takes about 20 minutes or so. I added a non-AOL account (Gmail), and I’m not having this problem with my other account. I don’t receive as many emails in my Gmail account, however, and normally don’t delete 10 or more emails at once. I contacted AOL about this problem, but it did not do anything that helped. I’m having the exact same problem on the two computers I regularly use, one a desktop and the other a laptop. I’m running Windows 10 on both computers, and the version I’m using on the two computers is current.