Stability of 8.x?

Hey all

I am currently using the latest 7.x generation and was waiting on a few more patches to close up some of the issues I read about here. I did try on a sandbox and was overall impressed but mail is so important to me that I cannot imagine dealing with mail issues. I see the last patch appears to be 2+ months ago (8-20-20). Just a check, any stopper issues other than some miscellaneous things being reported? Any feedback on a fall patch release?

I am using a more recent internal build so there are some fixes that are not there in 8.0.3385. Even so, I consider that last release a very reliable application, and am very happy with the way it managed my messaging. Calendaring is certainly much improved and more reliable than version 7.

I don’t know when it will be released, but version 8.1 is not that far off. Maybe wait for that, see what other users say, then test it again and see what you think.

jueves 29 octubre 2020 :: 2128hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @dma2112

I also ran v8 in a Sandbox before upgrading from v7 and apart from a couple of minor issues which were probably my own fault my move to v8 was uneventful.
I have 9 accounts, several with aliases and use a combination of IMAP & POP - I process 200+ messages a day; I rely heavily on Rules and several Calendars.
As far as I’m concerned eMC v8 is reliable and works well for me. I don’t actually work, I just have a watching brief and monitor things that are mission critical.
I am aware that some have complained about upgrade problems, a few with histrionics, and message/calendar sync problems.
I believe that the majority of the problems are not eMC caused and many will be as the result of ‘Brain’ incapability, plus there is a need, frequently ignored, to keep your system up to date and healthy - you get your car serviced so why not your computer?
Also keep in mind that in reality there are only a few thousand users of the Forum who claim problems whereas there are hundreds of thousands of users who are never heard from.
On balance it’s a great program. I hope this helps.

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Thank you both! I’m a developer so I do notice bugs easily but as long as there are workarounds I am good. My big fear is losing mail, like Mailbird, which just didn’t sync about 2500 messages in the middle of 2017. While that would be bad if they were gone, they were there (discovered in emclient) I found it later and decided I didn’t trust their (mailbird’s) sync methods.