SSL ... I'm tearing hair out

I have upgraded to W7 and therefore can no longer use oe. eMClient seemed the answer but I am having problems. Althouh not technical I have never had issues configuring email clients before. I receive but cannot send unless I say no SSL. Diagnostic does not work at all - runs but provides no answers . I have emulated what I had in OE - any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

are you using any anti-virus?

Hi George

Thanks for the response, it is a new laptop and I have no AV at the moment



Post here a screenshot of the account configuration (Tools - Accounts). Thanks.


Apologies but I couldn’t paste in a screenshot - it was greyed out; I probably appear completely dumb. Anyway, I assume we are interested in smtp?

Under security policy I had selected “use SSL if available” and under “authentication” I had ticked “server requires authentication” and regardless of whether “use identity credentials” or “use these credentials” was ticked a message would not send. It keeps saying “SMTP server doesn’t support authentication”. Once I selected “don’t use secure connection” all was well.

Sorry to be a pain - can you clarify this at all please?



I have now established from talktalk that smtp has to show as port 587 - beyond me but it works so hey, that’s ok.



OK, I am glad you resolved it.