SSL_Connect error 10054

I have just bought and set up eM Client. I have 5 emails - 4 IMAP and 1 Pop3 accounts. When I set up my main Pop3 account, it set up just fine and downloaded all my emails. From that moment forward, however, it won’t download any more emails. I have a ton of new emails sitting in my webmail account waiting to download. I did not have this issue with Thunderbird or Outlook, or Opera, or Eudora, or the other dud systems I have used and tried. I have deleted and re-set up this account many times and experience the same thing each time.
Everytime it tries to fetch the emails I get the following message:

An error occurred
Invalid first reply: ERR Cannot establish TLS with POP server, SSL_connect error 10054

I thought it may be Avast, however I uninstalled it, and it made no difference.
I have tried everything, including changing the port to a legacy port.

I work from home and my email is essential to me. If this cannot be resolved I shall be forced to uninstall and request a refund. I don’t want to do this as I like the interface very much. Please help.

Do you have the Pro license? Are you now having problem with just the 1 pop3 account or all your e-mail account? Who’s your mail provider for the pop3 account?

It will be resolved at our official ticket support system.

Does the official emclient version solve the “invalid first reply” issue? I have the same problem, After installing emC 3.5 and migrating my old emails from my old computer, I always get this error message instead of downloading my emails.

What should I do? If I buy the official version then will it work?

Hi Csongor,
it could also be a fault of the server. We have seen this before and it was related to the server rejecting connections if they were made too fast in sequence. In order to analyze the problem we would need more information that could be gained only from detailed log files. Please follow these steps in order to create these log files:

go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check Network communication. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (with reference to your problem) using the same logging settings window.

Best regards

I do not think it is a server related problem. I have now two PCs and I was migrating from the old to the new one. I copied all the *.dat files and the settings.xml and defined the place of these files for emclient.

On the new computer I was unable to send emails while on the old computer I was still able to do it.

Unfortunately my problem was 3 days ago and I did not get any answer so I had to do something.

Instead of simple copying the files I did the following:

  • install emclient on the new PC
  • copy all *.dat and settings.xml from the old PC to the new
  • tell the new directory for emclient
  • delete the account in emclient (I had an other account too which I use only to read incoming emails, so there was no problem with outgoing mails. That’s why I did it in this way)
  • recreate the account by automatic settings (btw., this is a great feature of emclient :slight_smile: )
  • export all folders on the old PC
  • copy exported *.eml files to the new PC
  • import all folders

After this I was able to send and receive mails.

These 3 days were too much time to wait so I am not sure I will be able to reproduce the problem. I am trying…

Well, I managed to do it. I have made the log file by

  • re-setup the accounts from the old PC on the new PC
  • making the log file
  • re-re-setup the accounts on the new PC
  • sending by email to some minutes ago.

I hope I can help with this, although my problem is solved yet.

The autoreplied that he registered my email and from now I can ask. Therefore I am not sure You received my attachment.

If You did not then please contact me again by email. Thanks.

Thanks. We received it and we will analyze it ASAP our programmers will have some time for it.