SQL statement with "OR", "OR NOT" in search folder

i am new to emClient and wanted to generate a search folder string with “OR” and “OR NOT”:

“subject:Anruf von”,OR,“subject:Nachricht von”,OR,“subject:Fax von”,OR NOT,“subject:Änderungsnotiz” in a “Alle Textfelder” field (i don’t know “Alle Textfelder” in english).

Unfortunately this is not working, the “OR NOT” statement is not executed.

Is there a syntax user manual available for sql statements?

Besides this it would very useful if a field named “age” could be implemented. Example:
Show only messages with age greater than 14 days (or shorter, smaller - <what is the right expression?> - than 14 days. This would be dynamic and not static.

Thanks very much!
Kind regards


(Sorry for my english, i am not that fit in this language).

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eM Client does not offer an OR NOT option. There is only OR and AND. But they are not written like you wrote.

OR will be subject: Anruf von, Nachricht von, Fax von

AND will be subject: Anruf von subject:Nachricht von subject:Fax von

eM Client does not offer the age option in searches. It will need to be a fixed date like before:“14/12/2020 00:00:00”. You can’t have less than.

Sorry Konrad, I missed where you said “could be implemented”.

I agree 100%. That would be most useful to me as well. I end up using Thunderbird for more advanced searches. :wink:

OK, thanks for the suggestions!

Kind regards

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