SQL Logic Error

Recieve the message SQLLogic area - see image - what do I do

Hello Matthew, I’m afraid it seems like there’s an issue with accessing your database data. Have you experienced any computer shutdown’s or crashes in the recent days? Can you please try to run this database repair tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/dbrepairrebuildall.exe and try to perform database repair using the tool?

The utility will try to restore the data and allow you to regain access to your data, however it may not be successful, if the utility fails you might have to restore your data using a new database with an existing server backup or database backup from eM Client.


When I click the link its starts to work but all i get is (see image)

Hello Matthew, this unfortunately suggests that the database is corrupt and can no longer be access. Are you using an IMAP account with eM Client? Do you still have your data available on the server? If so, please try to setup a new database by navigating to your user/AppData/Roaming folder and removing or renaming the “eM Client” database folder.

After you remove the folder, you should be able to open the application and setup your accounts again from scratch. If you’re using IMAP all your items should be automatically resynchronised.

Hope this helps,

no its a pop3 account

If you’re using a POP3 account you’d have to restore your data using an existing eM Client backup, in order to do that, skip the account setup and select File > Restore, and eM Client should detect one of your backup from the default backup folder, if you had backup enabled.