SQL Logic error or missing or missing database table "RemoteUids" already exist

Hello, excuse me for my bad English. I get an error that says: SQL Logic error or missing or missing database table “RemoteUids” already exist. What can i do about it? I am in a testing fase for this program before i wil buy it. Thank you and regards.

Hello Rene,

eM Client cannot access or find your database files.
Have you changed the default location of your database perhaps?
If not, can you make sure the permission to C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client is not set to read only?


I am having the same difficulty. I have installed the eM Client twice now, and reconfigured a third time. the last time, I renamed  C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client to “OLD - eM Client” and then created the accounts. I first created my Gmail account, and then imported another account and local folders from Thunderbird.  The “_C:\Users%windows user account%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” folder shows as read only. It lets me uncheck the attribute, but then goes back to read only (my windows account does have administrator permissions) . How do I change that attribute permanently? Also, when I first launch eM, I get an error: “An item with the same key has already been added”.

This is very frustrating. I would like to use eM, but not if it is going to throw errors every time I do anything._

I deleted my 2nd account which was from toughcountry.net. It was imported from Thunderbird as a PoP3 account (which it was). I then added it again to eM as a IMAP account. So far the errors have gone away and it is able to get the mail. I’ll let you know if it starts to throw errors again … Question, since this is IMAP, if I don’t download my toughcountry account with a PoP3 client, will the messages stay on their server forever? I have checked “Download messages for offline use” on the IMAP tab.

I seem to be able to send and receive from both my gmail and toughcountry accounts from within eM. I am also able to subsequently see messages from both accounts in my old Thunderbird app. With IMAP, how/when do messages get removed from the server? While I do want to be able to see messages on other devices (such as iPad and my android phone where I also have both accounts configured), I don’t want them to stay on the servers forever and use up my quota. (Sorry if this has morphed into another topic)

Sorry, I’m answering my own questions. So as I understand it, an IMAP message remains on the server until either: 1) It is downloaded with a POP3 account (and set to delete messages on server) or 2) It is deleted somewhere else within webmail or in an IMAP client. So if I store the message in local folders in my eM client, then it will remain on the server, e.g. on the Gmail or Toughcountry mail server. Right? This means I need to be more selective with what mail I keep so that I don’t fill up the email servers. And one last question … I promise … sort of … If I subsequently delete the message from webmail that I have moved to a local folder in the eM client, it will also get deleted in that local folder? I guess if that is the case, what I could do is “copy” the message instead of “moving” it, and then deleting the original? Thanks in advance for reading through this and replying. :slight_smile:

Hello Robert,

I just read it through so hopefully I will touch all of your questions with this answer.

  1. If you have an account on server and to this account there are two clients connected - one IMAP and one POP3 - if the POP3 account is set to delete mail from server after they are downloaded, it will disappear also from the IMAP client. If you delete the mail from your IMAP client, it will be also deleted from the server.

  2. The local folders are a bit different (I mean Local folders, not subfolders of your Inbox) because the emails there are saved on your computer and are not synchronised with the server. You can enable the Local folders in Menu > Tools > Settings > General. All emails stored there will stay untouched until you delete them from local folders. It is more of an archiving feature, saving your mail there. While you move the mail from Inbox to local folder, it will be deleted from the server.

I hope this answered your questions.


Thanks for your reply, that helps. I’m liking the eM client much more than Thunderbird. Just wish you could have multiple alerts in the calendar. It is nice to have everything sync across all my devices. Tbird was supposed to do that in theory, but never did reliably , and the Gmail calendar plugin would just stop working. It is also much slower to get or send mail.

It is a very strange situation: I did no changes as I know, but this bug appeared at once. On the other hand I found a directory “Archive” within the email folder, with some setting files, just about at the date when things started go wrong.
Made a full copy, and after having the data safe, I simply overwrote the main dir config files with those from the Archive directory. Started eM Client again - and it worked.
Do not ask for the reasons… But maybe this can help others as well.

I guess because there was an issue with the database, and you deleted it, so the issue is no longer there. :slight_smile: