Spy/trojan code inside em Client? Upset

One thing upset me: evidences about spy coding according to analyzes at virus total on internet.
_ Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes _

I downloaded em Client for trial before buying, and I liked the fact it is visual clean, faster and multi accounts. However, this fact about suspected spy code makes me bored.

Now thinking of removing and going back to windows live mail. The possibility of having spied on my rotines is not pleasant.

What em Client have to say about that?

I have seen this unfounded claim before. eM Client claims they introduces no malware/spyware, and my scans have always been negative.

I am not emClient, so I can’t answer for them.
You should tell the whole story: Of 53 virus detection services that “virus total” lists, only one finds this “spy”:

This service is called “Baidu” which I never ever heard of. According to internet sources it is a Chinese company that is above all noted for its search engine and has not the best reputation for customer safety.

All 52 other virus scanners report emClient V7.0.27943 virus and malware free.

The Thunderbird setup file 45.4.0 is found to be containing malware “HEUR_HTJS.HDJSFN” by two of 55 services.

Thanks for comment.
And about that?


(lots of IP requested?)

Now 2 tools saying it has this wisdom eyes.

Hello Ranez,
I can assure you that we do not include any spy or trojan code in our software and if you download the installation file from our website it will be safe.
Have you perhaps downloaded the installation file from somewhere else?
If not, this seems like a false alarm.