Split calendar view of multiple calendars

I would like to buy eMClient for my business, but I’really missing the split view of multiple calenders like Outlook does. Will this feature be enabled in future versions ? I’m working with Open-Xchange Server.

eM Client displays all calendars in a single view, rather than single views for each calendar. 

yes and that ist what is necessary for me to display single views for each calender like outlook. no chance that this feature will be enabled in future versions ?

It seems that eM Client has gone for a more simpler polished look where you can view them all simultaneously, or filter one or more depending on your needs.

I personally don’t see this changing Dirk, but maybe the release of version 8 will have some surprises. We will just have to wait and see. 

If you are a long-time user of the Redmond option, then you may have some (bad) habits to unlearn when moving to something else. Fortunately I never used MS Outlook, so it is not an issue for me. :wink:

Hi Gary,

I’m using only ubuntu for many many years but people in my government are redmond fans and they like the splitted view of calendars, and they won’t work with other views. Thats my problem :wink: I hope that version 8 will have this, then I will be the first person who will make an order :slight_smile:

Split calendars (like in Outlook) are VERY useful.  It’s actually easier to compare two calendars that are side by side vs. merged.  And there are times when I need to copy/paste or drag/drop events between two calendars.  

eMclient is a great app and I think I will be using it a lot, but that does not mean it must remain a “simple” app.


It is very simple to copy an event from one calendar to another. You can right-click on the event and select copy to folder. To move it to another calendar do the same but select move to folder , or you can just drag it to the desired calendar. Just the same as you do it in MS Outlook, isn’t it? Never used that application, so not sure, but that seems the most obvious method that would be used.

Comparing two calendars when merged seems to me to be much easier as your eyes do not have to move so much, and less easy to miss something. :wink:

eM Client is far from “simple”. The developers have just chosen to present a very powerful application, probably more so than the Redmond offering, in a refined interface.