Splash Screen + Password Prompt Dark mode


Would it be possible to make the splash screen and the password prompt follow the OS setting about light and dark mode ? (I will here mostly talk about MacOS version but at the end could/should have a solution working on Windows too).

I know that the actual theme settings are stored in the database and that the app has to load it (after splash + pwd prompt) to know what theme the user has selected and then let the app show the correct one.

My idea is that the splash and pwd windows would not need to be related to the user setting in the database and still give the user the choice to mix-match both the app and the splash+pwd prompt as they want.

The idea would be to have something like this (pseudo code to show the idea):

    loading splash screen
    if OS theming = Dark
        load dark splash screen
        if password_needed = True
            load dark password prompt
        load light splash screen
        if password needed = true
            load light password prompt
    ....[pass check].....
    load main app, check them in database, load and use stored theme

This would suppose that EmClient would have two fixed version of light and dark theme for the splash screen and password prompt. EmClient would then check the OS settings and use the correct one based on those (Dark one if OS setting use dark mode and light one if the OS use the light mode).
This would then be compatible with auto mode switch (based on time).

On top of that, if someone would want to get fancy and have the loading as dark mode but the main app with a light theme, this could totally be doable with tool like nightowl (as long as EmClient would implement it correctly).

This is just a suggestion, and there a many other ways to make this possible (store the theme settings in a file, in registry, etc… to not be stored in the database and be blocked behind the password before being able to know what theme to use).

I don’t find that how it works now respect the dark mode users by imposing the light theming for the splash and password prompt and my eyes will be angry at me every time they see it.

At the end, I would just love that everything would be dark themed when wanted and not just the main app once loaded. How it is implemented is finally not the most important point here.

I guess I’m not the only one wishing for this feature that for me is as “important” as it was to have EmClient be able to sync with the OS settings in the main app (like it was suggested and implemented (Automatic dark theme)).

I would love to hear what people think about this and other suggestion to have something like this working.
(Maybe I’m the only one wanting this to happen :slight_smile: )