Spelling Check in Multiple languages

is there a way to have eM check the spelling in multiple languages (2) ? thanks

we are considering this option, but we have not made any decision yet.

Please contemplate doing this, I just changed from Outlook to EM and its dissapointing that you dont have this option set automatically for the program to recognize the language and execute the spell checker. I will keep trying to work through this problem and give this program a chance, but I definitly suggest you introduce this. 

Hi Carlos, thank you for the suggestion, we appreciate your feedback, we’ll make sure to consider adding this feature to future releases.
Please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

It is highly needed that the mail client can either work with two or more specified languages or at least automatically switches to the (main) current language.  That is pretty easy to implement and check. 

If this is not done a lesser wanted workaround could be to allow to give or define a shortcut to toggle between predefined spell checking languages. I can create an Autohotkey shortcut for something like that, but that shouldn’t be needed IMO :slight_smile:

Hi Peter, having the spell check switch with the language settings of eM Client would be considered an unwanted feature, as there are many users that require a different spell check language than which their application is using, including myself.

You can setup the spell check to switch when your keyboard layout is switched, using this option whenever your keyboard input is set to English, non-english words will be highlighted, etc.

You can setup this option in the spell check settings in the application settings under Tools > Settings.


Thanks Paul for the answer. When I wrote switching to the main current language I meant to check in which language the mail is written. Not the language of the program nor the language of the system nor the current keyboard layout should matter. I (and I think this is true for many / most people) use one keyboard layout, regardles which language I am using. 

If I write an e-mail in english or german or dutch the spell checker should look up the word in the three specified dictioniaries. A second option (not as good) would be to determine in which (main) language the e-mail is written. This is pretty straight forward to implement. After a few words a program can tell which language is used by just looking up the words in the dictionaries. If that is too expensive (computing wise) one could use a stripped down “check dictionary” which includes the top 100 used words of the different languages and just count which dictionary fits best. This would seldom fail, if ever.


This is unfortunately not a planned feature for upcoming updates of eM Client, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding it to future releases.


I too compose emails in more than one language and having an email client automatically recognise the language a message is composed in, and carrying out the concomitant spell checking as you type is very useful for me personally. It is this feature that keeps me switching back FROM EMclient to other email clients.

As an interim solution, at least a shortcut to be able to switch spell checking languages would be useful. Right now the sequence is Alt-t-s-(Right arrow key), which is too much to remember.

Aside from the auto language detection, EMclient is a gem.



Hi Luis,
thank you for your feedback, this is still not a planned addition to the program, but I changed this topic to an Idea thread so it would not get overlooked when we consider new features to be added.


Please prioritize this idea, I constantly write emails in two different languages, and it would be really really nice if em client could detect and automatically switch spell check language.

Both Outlook and Chrome have this already, and probably many other programs. Chrome is really good, because it also accept a mix of languages, which is useful when you write in f.ex. Norwegian and uses a lot of technical English words. When a word is misspelled and you right click, it displays suggestions in multiple languages…


I write half of my emails in English and the other half in Spanish.
I would love to have an easy way to switch from one to the other! 

Apart from that, em is a great software!   

When composing a message you can switch between dictionaries using Menu > Tools > Spell-Check Language.

Thanks for the answer. But this likely comes from someone who does not need to use several languages on a regular basis. I write e-mails in three languages and it is very annoying to need to change the spell checking language by hand, when the software could do that easily, like it is implemented in other e-mail clients, browsers, word-processors and so on.

See above the post from Peter for a potential way to implement that.

I write in both English and German - regularly. It is not a great deal to switch languages when I do. I am wondering which email client can switch dictionaries automatically. I certainly have never experienced that. Maybe you could name them.

If you want to combine all the dictionaries into one, that you can also do. It works fairly well, but lowers the accuracy of spell checking. I have found once that a misspelled English word exists in the German dictionary.  :slight_smile:

Yes, Outlook can, even in the same mail if you have installed and activated both dictionaries (see screenshot). What keeps me from using Outlook (although it came bundled with MS Office) are the missing smart folders and its refusal to sync the Gmail “all mail” folder.

So it is not switching between the dictionaries, it just loads them both.

To achieve the same thing you can manually combine two or more dictionaries into one in eM Client. If you want to try it, open one of the installed dictionaries in C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\Dictionaries. The one that has the dic extension, not the aff one. Now copy the content to your custom dictionary file in your database directory. Mine is en-GB.custdic, but depending on your installed langue it will be different. Then set eM Client to use (in my case) the English UK language. This will now include the words from the other language dictionary as well.

The problem with having more than one dictionary loaded at a time is that misspelled words might not be flagged as incorrect. I find that switching the dictionary using the eM Client system works better for me.

 I find that switching the dictionary using the eM Client system works better for me.

I agree with you; I was just answering your question 

Maybe you could name them.

So it is not switching between the dictionaries, it just loads them both.

But it seems to detect the language based on more than just the individual words.
E.g. when I write two sentences, one in German the other in English, that each contain the words die and war, Outlook gives me the correct synonyms, depending on the language of the sentence (see screenshot).

Not being an MS Outlook user, I may be wrong, but is this not more than just a spell check?