Spellchecker issues

I hesitated to post this under problems, but I reckon it’s more of a nuisance than a problem.

I had real difficulties to work with the spell-check function (the one called by F7 - not the immediate, which underlines wrong words and works fine). Repeatedly, I thought that this feature doesn’t work at all, because none of my corrections were retained when I dismissed that window. Why? Because there is no button called “Done!” (or so) to commit the changes - instead, one has to awkwardly click the menubar-button and select “Exit” there. Not very transparent or user-friendly … Or did I miss something there?

Another suggestion: as a user who regularly writes in at least 3 different languages, it would be nice to have a way to change the spell-check language with just one click. I’d suggest a pop-up list ion the bottom of the composing window, to set the language of the current mail. Thus, an eventual defined default language would remain untouched.

Or, if anyone has an idea how to easily change the language without having to resort to the menu, I would be very interested. For me, the spell-check was a major reason to come to emclient - among other nice features.



the first one is definitely a bug, devs know about it and they will look at it. It is not working like intended.

second part, no there are no changes planned with this.


I am wondering about the spell checking in version 6 while writing a new message. I get partial red lines under words I know are correct, like "<u>whic</u>h" and "<u>mont</u>hs" and "<u>neve</u>r" all in the same message. Is this a bug or what?

What spellcheck language do you use? Does it happen when you type the text in or when you paste it from an other application to eM Client? 

What spell check language? I’m not sure I know what you are referring to. I do all my stuff in English and use the dictionary included with eM Client. The issue I am referring to  happens when typing in an email.  The case I am referring to in my original message was an email I was replying to. But it makes no difference whether it’s a new message or a reply. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit as my operating system.

Please check your spell checker settings in Tools > Accounts > General > Spell Checker, and maybe make a screenshot of the settings and post it here.

Thank you,