spell checking

hello there. is there a way for emclient to automatically spell check before sending an email ? not simply me going to each undeerlined word, right clicking, and fixing it. please advise.

if that’s the case, is there a timeline for when this feature will be implemented.

more and more i find that i am using EMClient to process email (ie: delete email) and using outlook to compose.

mainly because:

  1. in outlook, only the addresses i want, show up automatically, not every email i have stored between gmail + i cloud, which is the case in emclient.
  2. spell checking

kindly advise.

Hi, all you can set about spell check is in New Message window - Tools or in Tools - Settings - General - Spell Checker, there you can check “Use automatic spell check” but it should be checked from the start.

Nothing else is planned at this moment.


hello. didn’t understand your respnse.

once you set “use automatic spell check”, will EMCLIENT check email automatically before you hit the send button, or does this still have to be done automatically by the user ?

at the moment, that feature is checked, and when his SEND, the email flies. it does not open up a spell check dialogue box before sending.

Hi automatic spell check only automatically marks misspelled words, you still have to do the rest manually.
I hope it’s not bothering you too much.

Thank you,

is there any plan to have the client automatically spell check after you hit the send button, a la msft outlook ?

truth be told, having to manually check using the squiggly red underlines does cause “friction” in terms of the user experience.

as a result, i have to still use outlook to write professional emails bc of the lack of this feature , and then use emclient for more casual emails. ideally, i want to get off outlook entirely, and having such a feature would be very valuable for me, and i am almost certain, most emclient users.

Hi, there’s currently no plan to implement the same behavior of spell check like you can see in Outlook, but you can use the full spell check feature without manually replacing each word by going to Tools > Check Spelling in your email window.

Hope this helps,

ok. certainly, if you can add this feature, it would be great ! yep, right now, i hit the F7 button to check spelling. thanks so much for your input.

No problem, glad you can manage to use this setup.

Thank you,

I looking for a different client since the mailing function does not include a spellcheck with corrections. I have inadvertently sent too many emails with spelling errors in them. I think this is a very important feature that you have omitted

Hello Diane,
I am sorry to hear that this missing feature is a vital problem for you, but please understand that considering and implementing new features can be a difficult and lengthy process.
Auto-correcting for spell-check is not currently planned, but that does not mean that it cannot be added in future updates.