spell checker

Is there a way to delete a word I added to my spell checker?

In your profile directory “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” you will find your custom dictionary. It will be named something like en-GB.custdic depending on your language preferences.

You can open this with notepad and edit, add or delete words. Each word must be on a separate line, and there must be a blank line at the end.

Once you have finished editing, and have saved the file, you need to restart eM Client for the changes to take effect.

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m a complete novice at this and I know I should already know this, but how do I access my profile directory?

In explorer, type %appdata% and press **Enter


Thanks for you patience. When I search my desktop for %appdata% I get this, it’s the document I stored your previous answer in for my own reference.

You want to enter it here:

When I type

I get

Right, now double click on the eM Client folder

Thanks for your patience. I can see “en-US.custdic” but I am unable to open it. I get

You found the correct file. Right click on the file and choose open with. Then select Notepad.

I’ve been battling this for days and you got me through it. Thanks for your patience.