Spell checker problem

with the latest update automatic spell checker doesn’t work (english or greek)
has anyone noticed that?

I opened a ticket this morning about Spell Checker not working (no red underline). I assume that is what you are referring to?

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you assume very right !

OK, now comes the waiting game

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other solution is to go back << [8.0.3283.0] >>

That is true… there is another issue I reported yesterday and waiting on that as well…

Yes i also found the spell checker not working in latest build V8.0.3318 Windows . Disabling and Re-enabling auto spell checker boxes not making any difference… Some bug.


I found another bug , at least it is on my system. Example: Doing heads down typing, enter ‘[email protected]’ (without the apostrophes) into the TO field of a NEW email.

On my system the result ends up as '[email protected] '. (without apostrophes) with ‘m’ missing and 2 spaces followed by the cursor at the end.

Yes spell checker not working at all and I am a new client. How would I roll back to a previous version?

Here’s the installation link for the previous update when the spell checker was working https://www.emclient.com/dist/v8.0.3283/setup.msi

Thanks so much you are a great help

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Both BUGS (spell checker and ‘new email TO typing’ ) have been sent to developers per eM Client support response this morning.

Lets see how fast they work :wink:

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Me two. Spil chuck nut werkin. No red lime.


Funny, I just asked how to turn it OFF a week or so ago :slight_smile: It appeared that there is some system setting also that tells apps to use spell checking, regardless of your em Client preferences

Additional to the no red line spell check not working, have also noticed links in emails don’t receive blue underlines when composing although the underlines do appear in Sent folder.

I just tested that and the URL I entered turned blue and was underlined in blue… I am using v8.0.3318.0, windows 10 and DARK theme

Same here Spell check as you type does not work

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This is slightly embarrassing but we have a fix for you. Please download and install our latest version from https://www.emclient.com/dist/v8.0.3374/setup.msi to get the SpellCheck working again.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.
eM Client Team

This seems to be a DPI related problem - could you send me a screenshot of your DPI settings at [email protected] please?


There is an open ticket for this, 112906
I have been going back and forth with Adam Kovar
It includes screenshots, etc
Let me know if you need more…

Email sent… had to add you to the address book in order to send