Spell checker not working properly

I have found a problem with the spell checker in Version 7. It highlights the words in question correctly, but when checking the spelling, it skips these and tries to correct words that are not misspelt. An example is trying to correct “some”, where the spell checker sees the word as “som”. I found this reproducible accross other PC’s running Win 10, and it is not a problem in Version 6, which I have downgraded to in the meantime.Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve observed the same “som” vs. “some” problem you’ve seen, along with several other spell-check problems. I finally switched off real-time spell-checking because once in a while an entire message would be flagged as misspelled. All of those little squiggly red lines are just bad for morale. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem and hope for a quick support

I also have the same issue - I have tested German, English and Danish langues - they all do the same - some words the last letter is not see as a part of the word, and therefor see as misspelled. The version I use is 7.0.26567.0

I just upgraded to version 7 and have the same issue.  If I miss-spell “cancelled” it underlines the word and if I right click it automatically changes it to “can celled” rather than to “canceled”.  It pretty much does this for all miss-spelled words.

Still very broken in v.7.0.27943.0 — I just checked a reply I was writing by pressing F7 and the first word it flagged was the word “message”. Um, wrong. :slight_smile: I switched on automatic spell checking-as-you-type and in the original message that was quoted in a reply I was writing almost every word was flagged as a misspelling.

So I’m back to: If I need to do a spell-check, I copy the text of what I’m writing, paste it into a new editing buffer in my text editor, and do the spell-checking there.