Spell-checker is not upto standard

As a Dutch-man, I almost always write my emails in British or American English. And do appreciate a good spell-checker.

Both English spell-checkers underline way too much words as being wrong while they aren’t. I am quite tempted to shut them down, only have to find out how.

Please consider allowing Grammarly as an add-on.

Another thing is: mails can be partly in one and partly in another language. Currently, Emclient thinks it is entirely in one language, a bit simplistic. Excusé le mot, s’il vous plait.

Enjoy your day,

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viernes 12 enero 2024 :: 1241hrs (UTC +0100)

Is it possible that the OS on your computer is in Dutch? If so perhaps this could be the cause of your issue. Mty OS is Spanish and I had and still do have occasional issues with words that I have not added to my personal dictionary (right click word & select add to dictionary) It’s not great but it works and gets less and less over time.
I believe Grammarly used work with eMC, however, there have been recent posts concerning a compatibility issue. I do not know if it needs to be resolved by eMC or Grammarly or both. I have never used Grammarly as I do not have a need.


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Hi Skybat,

If the OS language had anything to do with it, it would be even stranger. But for example is every first word marked, it seems to me it can’t understand that a capitalised word can be correct too.

Hartelijke groet,

Wow, Grammarly now works in emClient. So great!
Also translation works much better. Thanks guys!

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Yes, I can confirm that Grammarly now allow it to be used with our application.